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2012 Popularity Poll Results

What Daylily is Popular in Your Area?

As a service to its members and to the general public, each year the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) conducts a popularity poll among its members to determine the favorite daylilies from each region. (Click here to see what AHS Region you live in.) It is the hope of the AHS that this Popularity Poll presents a true picture of which daylilies perform well in a given area and which are best liked by the membership. Popularity polls are important to daylily growers -- both AHS members and nonmembers -- who make daylily selections for purchase.

David Hall Memorial Award Winners

The David Hall Memorial Medal/Certificate is awarded annually on a regional basis to the hybridizer of the most popular cultivar as determined by vote of the region's members in the Popularity Poll. (Click here for a history of David Hall and the Poll)

(Formats vary each year depending on tabulators and how the results were sent to the webmaster.)

Most Popular Daylilies for 2012

'North Wind Dancer' - 2012 Pop Poll Winner for Region 1

Region 1 Results

  Cultivar                               Count

1. 'North Wind Dancer'              32

2. 'Intelligent Design'                  25

3. 'Primal Scream'                      24

4. 'Entwined In The Vine'          20

5. 'Ruby Spider'                          17

 Full results for Region 1




'Primal Scream' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 2

Region 2 Results

Cultivar                                  Count

1. 'Primal Scream'                          25

2. 'Ruby Spider'                              15

3. 'All American Chief'                  14

4. 'Webster's Pink Wonder'           13

5. 'Michael Bennett'                       12

Full results for Region 2


'Webster's Pink Wonder' - 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 3

Region 3 Results

Cultivar                                         Count

1. 'Webster's Pink Wonder'      46

2. 'Margo Reed Indeed'             30

3. 'Rose F. Kennedy'                  29

4. 'Bela Lugosi'                          28

5. 'All American Chief'             28

Full results for Region 3


'Primal Scream' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 4

 Region 4 Results

Cultivar                                 Count

1. 'Primal Scream'                 47

2. 'Ruby Spider'                     36

3. 'Red Volunteer'                  31

4. 'King George'                     29

5. 'Spirit Zone'                       28

Full results for Region 4

 'Dorothy and Toto' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 5

Region 5 Results

Cultivar                                       Count

1.'Dorothy and Toto'                  79

2. 'Orange Velvet'                       59

3. 'Amanda's Little Red Shoes' 56

4. 'Sebastian the Crab'              55

5. 'Everybody Loves Earnest'   50

Full results for Region 5

'How Beautiful Heaven Must Be'  2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 6
Region 6
Cultivar                                               Count
1. 'How Beautiful Heaven Must Be'        41
2. 'Red Volunteer'                                     36
3. 'Beautiful Edgings'                               31
4. 'Color Me Happy'                                29
5. 'Patsy Carpenter'                                 29

Full Results for Region 6



'Julie Newmar' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 7

 Region 7

Cultivar                                          Count

1. 'Julie Newmar'                                  7

2. 'Dancing Chevrons'                           6

3. 'Raspberry Banana Cheesecake'     6

4.'Wonder of  It All'                              6

5. 'Bali Watercolor'                               5

Full results for Region 7


'Primal Scream' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 8

Region 8

Cultivar                                          Count

1.' Primal Scream'                             10

2. 'Red Volunteer'                                8

3, 'Strawberry Candy'                        8

4. 'Victorian Lace'                               8

5. 'Wild Horses'                                   8 

Full results for Region 8


 'Bark at Me' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 9

 Region 9

Cultivar                               Count

1. 'Bark At Me'                        10

2. 'Sandy B'                              10

3. 'Allison's Curls'                     8

4. 'Skinwalker'                           8

5. 'Centennial Snowflake'         7

 Full results for Region 9


'Primal Scream' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 10

Region 10

Cultivar                                 Count

1. 'Primal Scream'                    44

2.'Red Volunteer'                      27

3.'Peggy Jeffcoat'                      26

4.'Webster's Pink Wonder'      25

5.'Stolen Treasure'                    21

 Full results for Region 10

 'Primal Scream'  2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 11

 Region 11

Cultivar                           Count

1. 'Primal Scream'           49

2.'Bela Lugosi'                  40

3.'Cherokee Pass'             33

4. Ruby Spider'                33

5. 'Zella Virginia'             31

Full results for Region 11

 'Spacecoast Sea Shells' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 12

 Region 12

Cultivar                                         Count

1. 'Spacecoast Sea Shells'                 19

2. 'Mark's Bouquet'                          14

3. 'All About Eve'                              10

4. 'Bali Watercolor'                            9

5. 'Crystal Blue Persuasion'              9

Full results for Region 12


 'King Kahuna' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 13

Region 13

Cultivar                                           Count

1. 'King Kahuna'                                  41

2. 'Ellis Powell'                                     29

3. 'How Beautiful Heaven Must Be'   24

4.'Ruby Spider'                                    24

5. 'Beautiful Edgings'                          22

Full results for Region 13



 'Suburban Nancy Gayle' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 14

Region 14

 Cultivar                                                     Count

1.'Suburban Nancy Gayle'                           64

2. 'Double Blue Blood'                                  58

3. 'Look Here Mary'                                     51

4. 'Linda Beck'                                              40

5. 'Suburban Golden Eagle'                        36

Full results for Region 14


'Carnival In Mexico' 2012 Pop Poll winner for Region 15

Region 15

Cultivar                                    Count

1. 'Carnival in Mexico'                63

2. 'All American Chief'                61

3. 'Peggy Jeffcoat'                        41 

4. 'Primal Scream'                       39

5.'Thelma Douglas'                      36

Full results for Region 15



Cultivar                                  Count

1. 'Brooklyn Twist'                     2

2. 'Claudine's Charm'                2

3. 'Condilla'                                 2

 4. 'Designer Jeans'                     2

5. 'Ferengi Gold'                         2

6.'Forestlake Ragamuffin'         2

7.'Icy Lemon'                              2

8. 'Isabelle Rose'                         2

9.'Last Snowflake'                      2

10.'Mystical Rainbow'               2

11. 'Open My Eyes'                    2

12. 'Swallowtail Kite'                 2

13.'White Pansy'                        2

14. 'Whiter Shade'                     2

 Full Results for International

 To view voting percentages by region, click here.









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