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Thanks Donors


Thank you to the following AHS Regions and Daylily Clubs:

AHS Region 10

Austin Daylily Society

Brazosport DL Society

CENLA Daylily Society

Central Alabama Daylily Society

Central Georgia Daylily Club

Central Florida Daylily Society

Central Missouri Hemerocallis Society

Central Missouri Hemerocallis Society

Central Oklahoma Hemerocallis Society

Cobb County Daylily Society

Connecticut Daylily Society

Daylily Society of Minnesota

Dublin Hemerocallis Society

Flint Hills Daylily Society

Greater St. Louis Daylily Society

Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society

Piedmont Daylily Club

Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society

Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society

Puget Sound Daylily Club

Savannah Hemerocallis Society

South Georgia Hemerocallis Society

Willamette Valley Daylily Club

Thank you to the following Private donors:

Olin Frazier

Betty Roberts

Melodye Campbell

Elizabeth & Greg Trotter

Duane Cookson

Timothy Greiter

Elizabeth & Chester McDonald

Lezlie Simmons

Sammy Strickland

Leila Turner

Pat & Steve Mercer

Martha Chamberlain

Cecille & Karl Rice

Peter McIntyre

John Ware

Elizabeth & William Herbein

Shirley Toney

Diane & Jack Joiner

Martha Seaman

Helen & Richard Porter

Nancy & Don Smith

Florence DeShano

Vicky Aughenbaugh

Curtis Crandall

Judy Skaggs

Gene Dewey

Bill Hurt & Marshall Morrow

Marvin Rodgers

Grace King

Dawn Tubbesing

Cynthia Stilphen

Judy & Glenn Rock

Debby & Bob Overstreet

Kathleen Pinkas

Patricia Loveland

Patricia Sturdevant

Donald Humphries

AHS Portal Sponsorships
Sorry, we will not be offering
banner advertising
until further notice.
Become a Sponsor and
Create a Banner Link to your Website
from the AHS Portal

Portal Sponsorship Banner Format and Fee Structure:

There are two 200px by 200px banners in the left column of all pages, one banner under the other. All banners will show, in random rotation, on both the home page and all subsequent Portal pages.

Banners are limited to 50 rotating banners per location. When you place a sponsor banner on the Portal, your banner will link to your website (you provide the URL). To get more exposure, you may be able to purchase up to three banner spaces at any given time. There will be a maximum of 100 banners. See the banners in the left hand column of this and all pages on the Portal.


We have lowered our prices to encourage more sponsorships. We feel that the exposure for your business is a great value and your sponsorship will also help defray the cost of operating the AHS.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

3 Month – $30 per banner (40 max available/yr)
6 Month – $50 per banner (30 max available/yr)
12 Month – $90 per banner (30 max available/yr)

Once a banner is submitted and posted,

a banner change will be allowed for a fee.



All Banner space must be purchased at the online store:


After reading this entire page please use the link at the bottom of this page to go to the AHS store site where you will be able to purchase banner space. Please read the item descriptions on that page carefully to be sure that you are purchasing the correct option. Once you purchase your banner option, one of our banner preparers will contact you within 48 hours to request banner graphics and your URL so we can start the process of implementing your banner.

All banners are 200 pixels by 200 pixels. It is the responsibility of each sponsor to provide us:
  1. with graphic material, or already prepared banner
  2. the words you use on the banner. Keep it short so that the font can be large enough for viewers to read clearly. You decide what words you want to use. However, the fewer words you use, the better. You can use a catchy phrase or just the name of your nursery, business or website. (You may also suggest fonts and colors that you want to use. We will do our best to honor your requests.)
  3. and the URL to your website.
Again, we will contact you within 48 hours after receiving the order. You can suggest fonts and colors as well, but please remember that we are volunteers and have time constraints. If you prefer, you can make your own banner. Your banner will be uploaded and running on the site within 1 week of receiving the final banner copy approval from you.

Banners space will be sold on a first-pay, first-served basis:


We will do our best to get your banner implemented in a timely manner and get them started in rotation on time. Please try to get us all the information requested above within 72 hours of purchasing your banner space. If you wish the fastest response please submit your already prepared 200px by 200px banner.


Banner space is limited and the placement is done by volunteers. All banners on the portal are managed by volunteers. Once implemented your banner will rotate for the specified amount of time.

The American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. (AHS) is a non-profit organization. The AHS is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and public interest therein. These purposes are expressly limited so that AHS qualifies as an exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provision of any future U.S. Internal Revenue Law.